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   Our group mainly engages in passenger car leather interior business and electronic parts business in Singapore. According to Frost&Sullivan's report, in 2016, we were a leading interior modification service supplier in Singapore (in terms of sales revenue) with a market share of 16.3%. In 2016, the group ranked first in the passenger car leather interior and electronic parts industry in Singapore (in terms of sales revenue).

Anyone can sell accessories. Most people can do DIY installation. But not everyone can perfectly integrate into a car. We are not just distributors. We understand that we must enhance your driving experience by installing it on your car without affecting your car's aesthetics. To achieve this, we will install all products flawlessly on your car - without messy wires and cables that will not be displayed on the dashboard. It looks very natural, just like the original car device.


Product Services

Focusing on providing high-quality product services

We adopt strict quality control from supplier selection to procurement and installation to ensure that our products and services meet customer requirements.


Leading suppliers

Over 20 years of complete operational history

Leading suppliers

Long term stable relationship

Strict Quality Control

Experienced and stable management team


Address: Room 7801-7803, 78th Floor, The Center, 99 Queens Road Central, Central, Hong Kong.

Tel: (852) 2180 0001

Fax: (852) 2122 9773

Email: Services@tomogroupltd.com

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